Backstop Sports
Backstop Sports

February - April Hours:
Monday - Friday OPEN 2pm -9pm

Welcome to Backstop Sports

We are the Eastside’s premier batting cage facility. We are a practice facility for baseball and softball.
Within our 10,800 square-foot building, you’ll find baseball and softball batting cages as well as
pitching tunnels that can be used by players of all ages.

A Challenge to All

Our cages offer a variety of speeds to challenge hitters of all skill levels.Cages can be rented for 60 minutes and Tunnels can be rented for 30 or 60 minutes at a time. Tokens are available as well. We have a wide assortment of equipment for our guests to use in our facility...Helmets, Bats,
L-Screens, Buckets of Baseballs or Softballs and a Pitching Sock-net.