Backstop Sports
Backstop Sports


Backstop Sports is located in Cincinnati’s Eastgate area on Old State Route 74. Our building is easily visible from Route 32 and Interstate 275 in Union Township.


Backstop Sports has a variety of equipment for baseball and softball players that want to improve their skills. Our machines are Iron Mike™ arm-style pitching machines which allow the batter to time the pitch by watching the machine’s arm wind up and release the ball.

Batting Cages

We have 6 dual-speed cages. There are 8 baseball machines that range in speed from 35 mph - 75 mph. There are 4 softball machines: 2 slow pitch and 2 fast pitch. We use dimpled “softuf” balls that will not dent bats and minimize the sting from the handle of metal bats.

Pitching Tunnels

We have two pitching tunnels available for working with pitchers and catchers. Each tunnel is equipped with 10”
high pitching mounds that can be used from 60’6”.

Our tunnels also have painted pitching plates at 34 ft, 40 ft, 43 ft, 46 ft, and 48 ft.


Backstop Sports has helmets, bats, L-screens, buckets of baseballs or softballs, pitching sock-net for you to use at no extra charge