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Backstop Sports

Line Drive Game

The Line Drive game challenges hitters of all ages and can be played any time you visit.
The objective is to score as many points as you can by hitting designated areas with the ball.


The scoring system is based on the first surface touched by the ball.
• If you take a pitch, it will be counted and scored as zero.
• Foul balls, grounders and overhead nets are zero.
• Anytime a ball hits the dividing line of any zone (white line, orange tape, or poles) the higher score is given.
(Example: Ball hits the orange tape on back net, player receives 4 points)

-1 Point - Swing & miss
1 Point - Ball hits floor on or passed white line
2 Points - Ball hits back net below orange tape to the left or right of “your” cage
3 Points - Ball hits back net below orange in “your” cage
4 Points - Ball hits back net on or above orange tape (any cage)
5 Points - Ball goes back thru one of the holes in “your” cage
7 Points - Ball goes into one of the 2 circular targets in “your” cage at the top of the back net
(if the ball comes back thru the target, points are still awarded)

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